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Beyond Performing Arts offers classes in Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance where kids train technically yet learn very current and fresh choreography taught by fantastic industry professionals.

Street Dance Performance Classes | Beyond Performing Arts

Street Dance

Beyond’s Street Dance / Commercial classes take place every Saturday and are taught by both Jimmy and Francesca. Beyond prides itself in providing new and current choreography for its students every week that is fun and challenging to help students grow in this exciting area of dance.

Ballet & Flexibility

Beyond teaches classes in Ballet and flexibility to offer children the core technique and foundation of all dance, as this is so important to becoming an all-round dancer. Ballet has a number of benefits as it improves line, posture, flexibility, alignment and strength and sets a dancer up for other styles such as jazz and contemporary.

Ballet Performance Classes | Beyond Performing Arts
Contemporary Dance Classes at Beyond Performing Arts

Contemporary Lyrical Dance

Beyond holds classes in contemporary every Thursday and it is an extremely successful and thoroughly enjoyed class. Contemporary helps develop expression and creativity and Beyond really pushes their students to express themselves and act through while dancing with technique and dynamics.


Acting is taught by Jimmy Essex every Saturday. The classes cover all different topics including:  acting for screen, acting for stage, improvisation, sight reading and audition technique just to name a few. Beyond has created a safe space where children can grow, explore and express themselves and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Acting Classes at Beyond Performing Arts
Singing Classes at Beyond Performing Arts


Singing is definitely a strong point at Beyond and the students get trained technically yet given the space to find their voices and work towards their own goals. Choral work and singing as a group are trained weekly and harmony work is taught from a young age so students train their ears as early as possible.

Private Tuition

Beyond offers private tuition in acting, dancing and singing to students that want one to one attention and mentoring. This is fantastic for those that want to get into professional college or have any musical auditions coming up.

Private Tuition Classes at Beyond Performing Arts